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Everyday of the week is a special day at New England Fish Market. We have selected the top market favorites and each day we will offer a different discount or promotion for our best selling products.

We appreciate your business, and are always seeking continuous improvement in our service to you. Please visit us and take advantage of our daily special promotions.


FISH MARKET SPECIALS----SUNDAY is Scallop Day: You will save $5.00 per pound off your regular low price and only the best scallops will do. These are the FRESH "DRY" JUMBO SEA SCALLOPS from the coast of Maine, Mass. & Rhode Island


MONDAY is Lobster Day: Save $1.00 per pound off our regular low price. Choose your LIVE MAINE LOBSTERS, and we will steam them for FREE! PLEASE CALL TO ORDER.


TUESDAY is Senior Citizen Day: Save 10% on fish fillets for all our senior citizen friends (age 62 and over). This promotion applies only to fish fillets.


WEDNESDAY is Salmon Day: Save 20% on our bountiful selection of salmon fillets! Moist and flavorful, it is best grilled or baked.


THURSDAY is Famous "FISH DIP DAY": We will give you a free 8 oz. carton of our delicious, homemade fish dip with a minimum $25.00 purchase.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.




While Supplies Last!

Please CALL to order, all items subject to availability and price change.

Updated MARCH 4th, 2015

***"Chef-Ready" Maine Lobster Tails (Split)

Rockport brand "Chef-Ready" Cold water Lobster Tails. No preparation needed, ready-to-cook!

3oz $7.99ea. 4oz $9.99ea.

***Fresh "Dry" Sea Scallops

Fresh, Sweet & Tender "Dry" Deep Sea scallops from the Icy cold New England waters.

$19.99/lb SPECIAL

***Fresh All Natural Tilapia Fillet

Fresh..(Not Frozen) Rainforest Tilapia Fillet. A nice fish for almost any Recipe!

$8.99/lb SPECIAL

***Fresh Hand-cut Canadian Salmon Fillet

Fresh Hand-cut farmed Salmon. A great source of protein & Omega-3 fatty acids.. Ready for the grill or oven. Try it with our Smoking Planks

$9.99/lb SPECIAL

***Fresh Icelandic Sole Fillet

Fresh from Iceland! Sole is a very mild, light, sweet fish great for rolling and stuffed, sautéed, or baked.

$14.99/lb. SPECIAL

***Fresh Medium Size Stone Crab Claws

Fresh off the Boats in Islamorada! Cooked and ready to go...We crack em! Don't forget the mustard sauce.

$19.99/lb SPECIAL

***Fresh Ocean Perch Fillet

Fresh from the cold New England Waters. A nice white meat lean fillet. Excellent breaded and fried or sautéed in lemon butter sauce.


***Hand Crafted Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

Hand crafted Crab Cakes with Jumbo Lump Blue Crab. Just brown & serve. Excellent with our Mustard sauce!

$6.99 ea.

***Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Meat

Delicious, sweet Blue Crab meat. Jumbo LUMPS perfect for the crab cocktail, cakes, or Crab Imperial. Impress your friends!


***Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Delicious, sweet, wild, Gulf shrimp. Hand cooked and peeled by our staff. Perfect with our Super-Cocktail sauce with fresh horseradish.


***New England Clambake "Feast" for 2

Clams, PEI Mussels, Andouille sausage, clam broth, Red Potatoes, Sweet Corn, 2 Live Maine Lobsters! Ready to cook at home.

$64.99 Market Special

**Fresh Premium Organic Loch Duart Scottish Salmon

Fresh Organic Salmon of Scotland is prized for its exceptional taste and quality. We hand-cut ours, and Guarantee the freshness!


*JUMBO Cocktail Claws

Delicious Blue Claw Crab Cocktail Fingers ready to serve with our famous Mustard or Cocktail Sauce.

$28.99 12oz.

*South African Rock Lobster Tails

Rock Lobster Tails overflowing with meat. The finest Tail available, sweet & mild..ready for the grill or baked/broiled in the oven.

$4.99 each

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